Practical Training

1. Students will be trained to fill all kinds of forms used in Banks, Finance Corporations, Insurance, Tax Departments etc. like Pay-in-slip, NEFT, RTGS forms, Account Opening Form, Debit, Credit, ATM cards to understand the rules and regulations applicable to them and the procedure for applying. and precautionary measures to operate them.

2. A detailed training on procedure of getting bank loan including loan form(s), advancing documents like Agreements relating to Lien, Pledge, Hypothecation, Mortgage.

3. Students to study, compare, evaluate and analyse the financial position by Keeping Prospectus, Share Certificates, Debenture Certificate, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Annual Reports, Director/Chairman’s Reports, Audited Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Accounts etc., of the various companies,

4. Online Stock Exchange activities should be shown to the students by which they can understand the mechanism of Share Market. Share Brokers will be invited to train practical aspects of share transactions and also the precautions to be taken.

5. Tax Practicing Consultants to be invited for providing the latest information. Students will be trained to fill and submit the Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Municipal tax returns in the respective departments.

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